Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Big Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This last weekend we took a girls weekend down to St. George. It was just what the doctor ordered for each and every one of us. We stayed at my dad's house and drug all the mattresses out into the living room just like we did when we were twelve. It was fantastic! We laughed and cried...and cried and laughed some more. We spend hours reading our Vampire books (which are just incredible and none of us can keep from becoming obsessed with these books) Anyway it was such a great weekend. We intend to do it at least twice a year or if it is up to be once a month!


Good friends are hard to come by but fabulous friends are sometimes just around the corner! I am so grateful for my sisters Tara and Jenny and those I consider sisters Britta and Leigh-Anne. Sometimes it's hard to recognize the blessings in our lives. The blessing of the people that are placed in my life I have no trouble realizing it was my Heavenly Father and my precious mother who put them there. I believe with everything in me that my mom was taken at this time but she put some amazing people to help me get through these unbearable times and make them more bearable. I will never be able to express my gratitude for these girls in my life. Thank you!


So we held our first annual Halloween party this year. We had a great time. It was so much fun.
Just in case you can't tell what I am dressed up as...I decided to express my inner beauty and be the "queen of dark and dreary"! Ya know let my inner self shine through! :) :) :) And Jason dressed up as "JASON" Aren't we creative.
We had such a fantastic time! What wonderful friends and family we have.

Carter's First Birthday!

Carter did amazing on his birthday! We had such a great day. Lots of family and friends came to our party. He finally got some toys to play with instead of pots and pans and Tupperware that I give him. He is thrilled. Thanks everyone for your gifts!

Eating Cake...and then...

I made Carter his own cake. He loved it! We stripped him down and he dove right in without hesitation!
Mouth Fulls after Mouth Fulls...

And stupid mommy just kept letting him eat and eat...it was his birthday I couldn't take it away from him...

Perhaps we are feeling a little queasy by now....maybe we should have stopped a few bites ago! Carter ate a lot of the cake...and being the wonderful mother that I am...I let him! After the party died down and came to an end we gave our birthday boy a nice bath and got him all cleaned up. We put him to bed and retired to our bed to rest from the big birthday bash. At 12:30 AM I woke up to a crying baby, not an unusual event by the way. I went in to get him, picked him up ready to give him a nice hug and kiss and low and behold he was covered in throw up!!! Every single ounce of his cake was all over him, his bed, his blankets...everywhere! I should have known not to let a one year old eat a cake...(rookie mistake)...We once again threw him in the bath and changed all the sheets. He was happy as could be, with a confused look on his face wondering how he had been from fast asleep in his crib to playing in the bathtub in the middle of the night! All I have to say is Lesson learned.

Party! Party!

More Great Nights

Another picture taken at 3AM. No explanation needed!