Monday, August 25, 2008


Just thought I would briefly mention our first family outting to Lagoon this last weekend. Perhaps some of you will learn from my HUGE mistake. Saturday morning some friends of our gave us free lagoon tickets. How can you pass up free right?....I now know that you should actually PAY someone to not let you take an almost 2 year old to Lagoon. :) It was pretty awful. Let me just lay it out. There were a billion million people there. We had to wait in line to get into Laguna Beach! When we finally got in and got all changed and rented our tube and got into the water...Carter freaked!! He hated it. Wouldn't even touch the water. He had not had a nap yet which made things worse. But hey its Lagoon who needs a nap! 10 minutes later we packed up and ditched laguna beach. We tried to go on a few rides but ended up leaving because the lines were so ginormous and a look of terror came over Carter's face everytime we got close to a ride. I talked Jason into trying at least the sky ride! No harm right. Jason was terried of Carter falling through the bottom of the chair but I assured him we would all be fine. We got to the very top of the ride and it stopped for I swear what seemed like forever. Carter then began to sign to us "ALL DONE"! We were like no no Carter you can't be "all done" when you are 300 feet suspended above ground. We made it out in one piece with vice grips on Carter and all the color drained from our faces. We did make it onto the little train which rode past a bunch of empty cages. Yahoo. It was now 7 and Carter along with Jason and I were done for. We ran over to Pioneer Park to get some dinner where Carter zonked out in my arms. So to sum it up we drove all the way to Lagoon to sit on the grass, walk in and out of Laguna Beach, be terrifed on the sky ride and experience an empty train ride...Note to self never take an almost 2 year old to Lagoon. :)

Best Eater Ever!

Carter is honestly the best eater! He always eats as much as me or more and often out eats Jason too! We have found a new passion for him. He ate all these slices of watermelon in one sitting....


I have been dreading putting Carter into a big boy bed for about 6 months now. I could not imagine how on earth he would stay in a bed he could climb out of! I thought for sure when we made the change that would be the end of our good sleeping habits and fabulous naps forever! I will need the crib when the baby comes and I wanted to do it before so that Carter has plenty of time to get used to the change before we bring a newborn baby into the scenerio...not to mention he is climbing out of his crib onto his dresser and getting books off his bookshelf!...Finally we decided our luck was running out and if we didn't convert his crib into a toddler bed we'd be sorry when he took a nose dive off his dresser and we ended up in the ER or something! So we did it! To my utter astonishment Carter has done FABULOUS! From day one he goes straight to bed stays there and when he wakes up he climbs out and walks out his door. Its adorable! Success at the Kidman Home! Hopefully we will have the same success when we take the crib out completely and put him in a real big boy bed! ...coming soon...

Monday, August 11, 2008


Last week I had my ultrasound. I was scared half to death. So many things can go wrong. And of course I have been hyperalert of all these defects and paid special attention to the one in a million cases of rare deformaties and such. Anyway, I moved my appt. up like 4 times cause I just couldn't stand it anymore. I was lucky enough to have Jason and my grandma there with me. It was amazing. I forget just how miraculous it is. The baby's legs were crossed so the nurse couldn't determine what the sex was and I had drank so much water I was in tears. See this is why someone else should actually be pregnant and birth the baby...I can't even get the ultrasound without wanting to die from the pain! :) Anyway, out of the blue she said "It's a girl" and I let out this huge YELP! It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. It is one of the very few times in the past 2 years I have felt true happiness. You will all be happy to hear that I am finally excited for this little girl to join our family!...