Saturday, February 21, 2009

We did it!

We made it! I honestly didn't think we would but we survived our broken leg tragedy! I didn't think we would make it through the tylenol with codeine that made him itch and act strange, or the baths with 2 inches of water and a garbage bag over his cast, the sleepless nights, teaching him to crawl, to walk, to move and most of all the tears of frustration. But we did...Carter got his cast off a couple days ago! I've never been more excited for anything in my life. The night before it felt like christmas x 10! And now my sweet little boy is back...his happy little spirit is back! The day or two before we went to get it off he kept saying to me "cast off". I'm so proud of him, he did so well! We had to teach him how to walk again for the 3rd time when he got it off and he is still limping a little but his little baby leg has seemed to heal perfectly. He is running and jumping and it is a joy I have not experienced. One of the best feelings a parent can have. Jason and I just need to work on letting him be his crazy self and not freaking out everytime he moves! When we got home I filled the tub up to the brim and filled it with bubbles and let him stay in for as long as he wanted, which was a long time. Here are a few pictures of our journey!

Learning to walk!

Waiting for the doctor

We did it!

My happy boy!