Wednesday, October 3, 2007


So we got a letter in the mail from the UTA transportation people. It stated in the letter that it has been determined that they will need all or some of our property for the trax station they are building. This rumor has been going around ever since we moved into this house and we never paid any attention to it and passed it by as just a rumor. After the letter came Jason still brushed it aside and didn't even call the number it said to call....SO I DID. The lady told me, in so many words, that they needed all of our property and they will be bulldozing our house within the next 6 months and they will be relocating us....which means we are kicking you out find another place to live! I was mortified! This is my house! My memories! How can they do that....well they can and they are. So to say the least we are house hunting which can be somewhat fun and stressful at the same time. Perhaps it is a blessing, you never know how the Lord works. I have definitely come to know in the last couple years of my life He works in mysterious ways to say the least! Good bye House! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My newly remodeled kitchen! with my own hands!

So here is my newly remodeled kitchen! We did it all ourselves. We were just about to redo our countertops! I'm glad we didn't. Jason's sister and I painted those dang cupboards!! It was such a pain. They look so beautiful now...and all to get torn down. I think I am going to confiscate them and take them with me when they make us leave! Along with anything else I can run out with! :)

My sick little guy

Carter got his first serious illness this week. It has been awful. Throwing up and all. Poor little dude.

"I won't sleep, I won't sleep!"

This is Carter trying to climb out of his crib. And he is unfortunatley successful at it!

Sleepless in Salt Lake

Well as many of you know Jason and I have officially screwed Carter up. They say no matter what you do you screw your first kid up and we did! He is a special little boy who...DOESN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT! He gets up 3 or 4 times a night and he is 11 months old! Everyone I know who has a baby they sleep through the night at like 4 months or earlier. My sister Jenny just had a baby and she has been sleeping through the night since like 3 weeks old! Curses....curses to you all! Well needless to say I am a tired little momma. I finally got sick of it and decided enough is enough and I started letting him cry. I gave it a couple days and the crying became shorter and shorter. Just as I thought we were making some fabulous progress Carter got sick. His first real sickness by the way. He has been throwing up for 3 days now and blowing out of his diapers! It's bad and he's the saddest sight I've ever seen. So we are back to our terrible nights, sleeping with mom and dad, and nursing 2-3 times during the night! I give up! :) By the way Jason took this picture at 3 AM!