Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last week my sisters and I went to SYTUCD! It was amazing! This show makes me so happy. It's my thing. I watch it every year...I was on buying tickets the second the ticket lines opened! It was amazing. Last year I flew to Phoenix to go to it and it was even better this year. I used to watch it and then call my mom and we would talk about all the amazing dances. I would give anything to have had her there with me. Every dance I thought to myself "mom would have loved that one". It was a bitter sweet night. Dance makes me feel a joy I cannot explain and at the same time causes a streak of pain. Thanks Tara and Jenny for going with me and making it such a great experience!

Everyone was so amazing! Makes me want to do it so bad!

Jenny was the best and got all excited with me. She even bought the crazy expensive fan memorabilia with me! Seriously those leg warmers are sweet! I'm sure I will find a ton of places to actually wear them.... ha!

I love my sisters! I honestly don't know what I would do without them.

Courtney and Mark....I loved this dance!

Thayne Jasperson...seriously can't believe this kid came out of Evanston! He's amazing!

Incredible! Joshua makes me want to...well nevermind he's just really HOT when he dances. HE HE HE!!! I'm glad he won, he deserved it.

Greatest Place on Earth!

Heaven on earth...also known as Lake Powell. We just got back from a fabulous boating trip to Lake Powell this last weekend. It was wonderful! Nothing makes Jason and I happier than being out on the lake. It's a place I feel happiness and peace with no worries and cares. Any lake makes us happy but once you have been to Lake Powell there's just no where else like it. This was Jason's first time there and he absolutely loved it. I have been trying to talk him into going since we got married, 5 years now. I knew once he went he would be hooked and sure enough it will now be at least a yearly tradition for us. It was so fun to see the absolute pure joy radiating from him! Ya know it's not necessarily the dream vacation for a 7 month, fat, pregnant girl with a 2 year old!...but I would do it 10 months pregnant with 5 kids to see the smile on Jason's face. Carter did great and I had a good time. And I have to say that I was still out there on the wakeboard chubby, pregnant and all...call me stupid but I just couldn't resist. Anyway, we had a great time and went with some great friends. Thanks Steve and Chelsea!!

Jason has gotten so good at wakeboarding this summer.

Yep that is me! 7 months pregnant! Go me! Please ignore my fattness!

Happy as Pie!

This is Steve wakeboarding with his 3 year old son between his legs! Crazy! Way to go Connor!

Carter's favorite thing to do was drive the boat. It's in his genes!

I'm still fishing sand out of nooks and crannys!!

Something about being out on the lake makes Jason so HOT! :)

Carter was my permanent attachment...however he's not a cuddler and he always cuddles with me when we go boating. I love it.

This cliff looked a whole lot higher in person... It was hard to refrain myself from cliff jumping too, but I decided that would be just plain stupid!...like wakeboarding wasn't...next year!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beautiful View

We took this from our front porch the other night. It was gorgeous. We have such a beautiful view of the lake and mountains! Carter has just discovered what the moon is and we talk about it all day and all night! :)