Friday, January 30, 2009

Private we go...

We are jumping on the private bandwagon. Gimme your email if you can stand to read about us more! If you went private without me...add me

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Happened...

One of my worst fears...happened. Last Saturday we were having a lovely rather peaceful day. Jason was outside cleaning the garage and I was cleaning the house. Carter was playing upstairs in my bedroom where I was vacuuming. All of a sudden Carter is screaming this horrible scream. I ran over to him laying on the floor beside our bed (a huge king bed that I just got days before for my birthday...curse that new bed). I picked him up and immediatley knew something was wrong. He kept pointing to his ankle with a sharp shrilling scream anytime it got touched or he moved it. We threw ourselves in the car and headed to the hospital. Carter almost immediatley fell asleep, which is never a good sign. We got to the ER and the doctor said this happens all the time and 90% of the time nothing is actually broken. They took xrays then the doctor came in and said..."did anyone actually see what happened" Like we were some neglectful parents or something...which I already feel awful about not being able to somehow prevent it!!! Then he said "why don't you come look at these xrays" Immediatley I burst into tears. Well Long story short... CARTER BROKE HIS LEG!!! He has a spiral break in the tibia on his left leg, so the break spirals about half way up his leg. It has been absolutely awful! To see your child be in so much pain and not be able to take it away is the worst feeling in the whole world. Between Carter and I there have been lots of tears this last week. But we are getting better now. Carter got his permanent cast on a couple days ago and we only have to have it on for 4 weeks! Yeah! We taught him how to crawl yesterday and we are stil working on getting up enough courage to try to walk. He's doing so good though and we are so proud of him! Can't wait till this is all over and he is back to his happy self!

This is right after we got home from the hospital...not a happy boy.

We've been having sleepovers in Carter's room...a very tired mommy and daddy!

The king's thrown...breakfast in bed please'

Nothing stops me from practicing my shot!

On our way to get our cast! Yeah!

Being wheeled around Primary Children's Hospital in my wagon mommy made for me!

Carter did so well. Thank goodness for bribing treats! Got us through the ER and the casting!

Brave boy!

Let's go home!
It's done!

Carter is starting to play and move around again now, which has brought me to tears! I will never take for granted his lively little spirit. I love him so much and can't believe the pain I feel when he is in pain. Even though this has been such a difficult experience, especially with a brand new baby, we know things could have been a lot worse so we are grateful for that. There will be an end to this and not everyone gets an end to their pain or their childs pain. I am grateful for 2 healthy babies that I get to raise! I love you Carter.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How do I return a kid??

So is there a way to, ya know, take one back...ya know a return policy or they come with a warranty...I've decided 2 is just too much! :) Everyone told me the transition from 1 to 2 kids is easy and that going from 2 to 3 is hard...ummmm if that is true I guess I better stop at 2. You probably all think I am a big wuss but dang it, it's hard! The other night it took Jason and I like 2 hours to get through a 30 minute tv show! And yesterday I decided I had the courage to take both kids to target just to run in and out real quick...I mean how hard could that be? Apparently VERY. I think it took us at least an hour to even get out the door. After working up the nerve to actually leave the house I got us all dressed, coats, shoes, put Cambri in her seat...she poops...get her out change her followed by her pooping AGAIN the second I get a new diaper on her. Then she's hungry I feed her, meanwhile Carter takes his shoes and socks off!(that I just put on him). I thought okay stay calm, you can do this. After a couple Carter fits I Finally get us all ready to go again ...SUCCESS we made it to the car with only one casualty, losing a binkie under the car which Carter thought was almost the end of his world. When we got to target I whipped out my new fabulous sit n stand stroller, get the kids in it, continue to calmly stroll through the store constantly almost killing Carter for escaping every 5 seconds and hiding in clothes racks. There was no room in the stoller to put the things I wanted to buy so in between grabbing Carter and making sure Cambri was covered up and not to hot or cold I was diving for merchandise and glaring at anybody who dare look at me! Needless to say we made it home from a trip that should have taken 45 minutes about 3 hours later with the confirmation I'M NOT READY TO LEAVE MY HOUSE YET! :)

Disclaimer: I love my kids and am happy I have them! :)