Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I get a what what!

I have so many things I want to get posted. I just cannot find the time. However, I want to get our little weekend adventure posted while it is fresh in my mind. Last week Carter went to stay at his Grandma Kidman's house for 4 nights and 5 days! He did great...I on the other hand resorted to tears more than once. On Sunday we met Jason's parents half way to pick Carter up then we headed straight to Park City to use a "free" 2 night stay we had gotten from attending a salespitch thing over a year ago. I'm glad we were finally able to use it but I will NEVER be doing that again. It was such a hassle and I am not so fond of the company now. Anyhow, let me brief you on our great adventure!

Our hotel was.....well.....let's just call it special. It was one of those where I kept shoes on at all times and the thought of letting Cambri's precious little baby skin come remotely close to the carpet was horrifying. Yes it was that kind of place. I was afraid of going out of the room by myself. The entire thing was deserted. I never saw one actual human being that worked there. After much frustrated research I discovered the way to check out was to drop your key in this creepy box labeled "drop key here". I thought for sure the elevator was going to plummet me to my death everytime I stepped inside, even though it was the distance of about 4 stairs which I never did discover where any stairs were. The first night I saw a bug on the wall by the bed (and when I say bed I mean a mattress on a metal frame from the DI with a stiff sheet and a blanket that I refused to touch...(and when I say bug I mean the scariest bug on the planet and a huge personal fear I will never overcome...an EARWIG). I'm certain its the same hotel they feature in all the horror films. I did not obtain any pictures of this special place but if you would like a referral I would be glad to put in a good word to ...well...there is no evidence of actual people there, so you are out of luck! Oh and Jason thought the hotel was great. ohhhh...the differences between husbands and wives. Sometimes we think Jason is "special" too. ;)

Regardless of our luxurious room and board we had a great time. A bit stressful with two little ones but still great. Carter had the time of his life. Jenny came to spend the afternoon with us Monday at the Alpine slide area. We got Carter an all day pass so he rode all the rides all day. I took him on the Alpine slide which brought back some serious memories for Jenny and I and he had a blast racing Jenny and cousin Blake down the track (we won!). Jason took him on the Coaster and he LOVED it. I'm so proud of him. He is growing up! Then later that day I batted my pretty eyes and pulled the "poor mom" card and the workers let me take Carter on the coaster again for free (a $20 value!!) Car and I spotted 2 moose and never put the brakes on once going down, it was awesome! Anyway Carter really loved it and it brought me to tears seeing his face light up with excitement...then also brought me to tears when he threw MAJOR fits when we had to leave. :)

Today we got up and headed to Heber where we boarded for the Heber Valley Train! What an experience! If you haven't done it YOU SHOULD! Anyone who knows Carter knows how obsessed he is with Trains right now. He will play with trains all day and all night. They go to bed with him and wake up with him. Lately he has turned all his cars into trains by making Jason hook them all together using "duck tape"....also known as zip ties, Jason's duck tape, everything at our house is held together by zip ties. We bought him a little train before we boarded and he still has not put it down. He absolutely loved getting on a real train. In the middle of the ride the train stops and these outlaws come riding up to the train on horses shooting their guns and act like they are robbing it. It was so cool. Carter was a bit confused but the guy gave him a gold chocolate nugget so he was ok with it. He keeps saying he wants to go on the train again. It was a great experience.

It feels like we were gone forever and I am so so so happy to be back home with everyone sleeping AWAY from me. Everyone in their own rooms and own beds where they should be and where I am left to sleep in peace. :) 1 adult (me) and 3 children (including Jason) in one tiny creepy hotel room = no fun or sleep for me :0 The first night I literally flew out of bed a total of at least 8 x thinking Carter was going to fall off the couch he was sleeping on. Well here are lots of pictures from our fun family vacation!

Explanation: the title of this post is Carter's new catch phrase Jason taught him while yelling it down the coaster. It is hiliarious and he's such a polite boy he says "can I get a what what please" ha ha ha


Jeff and Nanci said...

How fun!! It's sounds like you guys had a fun week. And a scary week. The train sounds so much fun. I think we will have to do that. Hey did you get your blog working like you wanted? Let me know if you still need help.

Phillips Family said...

Ah the Heber Creeper...what a fun, LONG, train ride. I bet it was a lot of fun.

Jeff and Nanci said...

Why are you being charged for the website? Is it photoscape that is charging you? I think i remember Dani saying that it wasn't free anymore. That sucks. Ok well email me your phone number and I'll call you and try and help you. gnanci@hotmail.com

The Oldroyd's said...

Looks like fun. We were in Park City Friday and Saturday. Too bad we didn't know you guys were there. We could have hung out. Well sounds like a gross place you stayed at. I am glad there were no pictures. YIKES! I love the Heber Train ride. It's been a very long time since I have been on it though.

Jen said...

Yay! You're back! I was so happy to see an update! Can we promise to take our kids on the Polar Express during Christmas?! I have always wanted to do that. Its a little pricey but I think it will be worth it. The kids get to ride in their PJ's and drink hot chocolate.
I'm glad you survived the hotel. It sounds worse than the hotel we stayed in Miami before our cruise. They had a sign on the hotel door that said "No shopping carts allowed". Umm...I guess the bums have to park them outside! I miss you guys and we need to get together! Are you doing things for Jason's b-day?! We will be there!