Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Our yard is finally finished with many battle wounds to show for it! No trees or shrubs yet (maybe next year) It has been such hard work! I am so glad we have gotten this far...and remained married through it! ha ha! I absolutely love it. Everything turned out beautiful! Jason did such a great job! And I did too if I don't say so myself! Here are some before and after pictures of the masterpiece! Carter loves all of it. The sandbox, swings, tetherball, tramp! Makes me so happy to finally get to see him playing outside!


The Oldroyd's said...

Wow that is a nice yard. I love it. It is so fun to get it finished so your kids can play.

Crystal said...

The yard looks awesome. We have started to do our yard and is sure is no fun!!

Tara said...

You worked hard. You'll really appreciate it because you put in the sweat to get it done.